[Android] Westy West Cowboys

Download [Android] Westy West Cowboys

Rule the Wild West fighting the outlaws as a sheriff, cowboy, native warrior or whoever you wanna be in this awesome action game!

Cross deserts, towns, saloons and caves saving innocents from the hands of the Black Hat gang.
Beware the snakes, wild horses, traps and hidden dangers of the Wild West!

– 15 unique characters
– Duel gang leaders
– Be a bounty hunter and earn fame and money
– Engage in the most dangerous quests
– If you’re a bad man, the cops will hunt you down
– Play for free!

I love the game idea fun to play whenever I get bored. Hope they have more game content though with a story to it or new missions.

i love this game Its very attractive game ! I recommended this game Its pixel game But believe me guys you will become fan of this anyways admins please add some Big updates and make new games on play store i will love it!

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