[iOS] Battle – card game

Download [iOS] Battle – card game

“Battle” – a card game from childhood, played by almost everyone. 

Best Download iOS Battle Games Battle - card game
Best Download iOS Battle Games Battle – card game

How to play

Rules of the game are very simple – cards are divided equally between the players, and every turn they play the top card of their deck, whose card is higher – he takes the cards and puts it in the bottom of his deck. If both played the same card, there is a “battle”, and then they play two cards more, face down the first pair and the second pair face up, and then it is determined who wins the “battle”. To win you need to get all the cards. Card rank is from lowest to highest (6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A) except one rule – six beats ace.


– Two game modes: against the computer and against the human (on the same device)

– Ability to shuffle your deck by pressing the number of your cards

– Ability to select texture of the table, and card back.

– Simple one finger gameplay.

Who will win the Battle? Have a good game and be lucky!

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