[iOS] Battle Simulator AR

Download [iOS] Battle Simulator AR

Clash of War with AR Kit.

Look around for a spacious enough plane for the battlefield, then you can assign soldiers and watch battles from all angles

Best Download iOS Battle Games Battle Simulator AR
Best Download iOS Battle Games Battle Simulator AR

->After you decide on the game mode, look for a large enough flat surface around you.

->Using the camera to align the plane, the system identifies the blue box area.

->In particular, it may take more time.

->The screen appears blue box, click it to place your battlefield, then click continue to begin.

The most adorable battle simulator !

If you’re looking for battle games or war games, you won’t miss this!

Totally accurate battle simulator in pixel world!

Here, you can control a variety of imperial soldiers to perform an epic war!

Militia, archer, cavalry, samurai, viking, giant, musketeer, catapult, cowboy…… Every soldier will be excellent in your careful training.

Build and train your troops, and then design the best formations to defeat your enemies!

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