[iOS] Invasion: Modern Empire

Download [iOS] Invasion: Modern Empire

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Best Download iOS Battle Games Invasion- Modern Empire
Best Download iOS Battle Games Invasion- Modern Empire

Invasion: Modern Empire is an online war-themed MMO game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse. 

Prepare yourself for stunning 3D graphics and exhilarating, real-time MMO battles! Join the fight online and partner with a clan to spread your influence.Join the fight and find out now! 

Invasion: Modern Empire Features:

Visceral real-time strategy combat meets MMORPG mechanics

• Clash with enemies as your army sweeps across the world

• In Invasion, you are the commander! Guide your army in real time

• Incredible 3D graphics and MMO combat will give you a whole new perspective on war, as each tank and soldier obeys your every command

Clash with enemies to expand your clan’s territory and earn resources!

• Train a vast army and battle for territory across a stunning 3D world map!

• Invade enemy territory and win wars to expand your empire!

• Acquire resources by defeating enemies and claiming their empire as your own

Use advanced war strategy to collect intel and seize the upper hand

• Collect intelligence on your enemies in this futuristic shadow war, and launch devastating strikes against your opponent’s weak spot!

• Lead your army from a real-time panoramic map to get the upper hand! 

Join and alliance and conquer crucial “monuments” in online games!

• Make your alliance the star of the military world. Clash in massive online wars to gain the upper hand.

• Forge strategic alliances to defeat your rivals, and experience the constant surprise of online real-time combat!

• Fight in huge Monument Wars against powerful alliances around globe! Winners will become kings in this online battlefield

Cinematic 3D presentation and action-packed military battles

• Construct a formidable military empire and watch as you crush enemies in 3D

• Build and train a range of elite modern war forces, from tanks to cannons to gunships

• Unlock powerful hi-tech military units with research. Battle enemies from land to air with tanks, soldiers and more

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic warzone of the year 2020!! Governments have fallen and cities have been reduced to ash, as rival armies clash for domination in the chaotic new age. Only you and your star units can conquer the world’s greatest monuments, build the strongest army, and rebuild this once-great world.

The Invasion has begun! 

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