[iOS] Orcs Battle Simulator – Epic War Commander Game

Download [iOS] Orcs Battle Simulator – Epic War Commander Game

Gird on your sword, don your armor, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory in this battle of middle earth where mighty orcs will face each other in the battlefield for the most epic battle simulator of the history!

Best Download iOS Battle Games Orcs Battle Simulator – Epic War Commander Game
Best Download iOS Battle Games Orcs Battle Simulator – Epic War Commander Game

Do you have what it takes to become a true warlord?

Forget about military battle or even tactical battle, take command of the most powerful orc army, hone your strategy skills and become the ultimate epic battle commander of your orcs army to win the war of the middle earth. 

The Orcs defenders of your home turf are fully prepared and awaits your orders, no orc soldier will leave its post without your command. It’s up to you to build an unstoppable army of orcs, take on unforgettable ultimate battles, work out totally accurate battle strategy, conquer your enemies and seize victory! Only your wits can bring you glory in this ultimate battle strategy puzzle. 

Step into the battlefield and witness the grandest and most critical tactical battle simulator as the orc warlord. Meet your enemies on the battlefield, and put your ultimate tactical battle skills to test. Recruit, build army and devise strategy to conquer every opponent. It’s time to bring havoc and destruction over the enemy. The fate of your world lies in your hand and to survive you’ll need will and most importantly wits. 

Single Player-mode:

Earn experience to upgrade your rank and unlock. Your foes will keep upgrading and devising an un beatable strategy!


Control both armies and see how different strategies will roll out, Or play against your friends for a friendly battle fun!

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